Bijoy 71 hearts of heroes: War Action Shooting Gam

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Bangladesh is a country whose Independence has come from the Great War of liberation. Millions of lives, hectic levels of military power, and bloodshed have brought its Independence. Bangladesh is a country where people have to fight for their freedom. We must never forget the sacrifices these freedom fighters make on behalf of us all so we can live free lives filled with peace and opportunity! Bijoy 71 hearts of heroes is a war-action shooting game that lets you defend your motherland against the enemies who attack from all sides. Join Bangladeshi soldiers in this intense, fast-paced side-scrolling shooter, and be prepared to fight till your last breath! So to show respect and gratitude towards Martyrs and freedom fighters who lost their lives in this war for Bangladesh, Bijoy 71 bring you one of the best first-person shooting game to remember those fallen heroes on December 16th Victory Day against Army back then and now for all other freedom fighters that fought hard so we could be free! To celebrate victory day once again through this wargame with no restrictions or borders, Bijoy 71 game brings you 'A Shooting Game' where the real feel of Liberation War was brought up beautifully through three stages: Dacca Sector Commander Arms Raid (8-10 November), Operation Searchlight & Jute Mill. Go to Bangladesh and experience the Liberation War firsthand in Bijoy 71, a fast-paced shooting game where you take on enemy soldiers as if they were from 1971. Bangladesh is a country whose Independence has come at an untold cost of the lives of guerrillas lost during its liberation war in 1971. In honor of their bravery that brought Independence for this beautiful nation, there's now Bijoy 71 - your chance to relive those heroic moments over again! This shooting game portrays one aspect among hundreds about how people felt when they were living through wartime conditions - making decisions on battlefields while risking death every day and some battles being impossible without sacrificing oneself. Explore the world of war with this epic free game! Soldiers are coming to attack your base, but you will fight back. A number count in the top right corner tells how many bullets are left before reloading and enemies on screen from bottom to top, so watch where they're going for accurate shots. You can switch positions as needed by pressing left and right arrow keys without taking cover behind anything if there's no danger close by. Make sure not to waste any ammunition because even one bullet could be enough to change history! Play Bijoy 71 hearts of heroes and be a hero in this action-packed shooting game. Of course, it would help if you defended your motherland from the enemy's strikes and fought until you were on your last breath to save Bangladesh. Fight alongside freedom fighters, stragglers, and women fighters too! Join the battle for Bangladeshi Independence, which began with Operation Liberation 1971 by joining forces with fellow patriots across history today! Download the best world game now before someone steals this precious opportunity from us - show everyone what kind of key role player we need on Team Freedom Fighters to secure Independence through the Liberation War game play in Bangladesh. Don't waste bullets, or else they will knock you out, and then there is no way for Bangladesh to be liberated. Download this first-person shooting game now because people need someone who can play an important role like them during the Liberation War of Bangladesh!

Left Right Movement Shoot Button Click For Shoot Reload Button to Reload Bullet

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