SandCastle Battle - We Bare Bears

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Play SandCastle Battle - We Bare Bears Game online in your web browser and mobile at for free and more html5 games. here is a new We Bare Bears Games online on our website, especially, awesome game you get to enjoy right now and here for free, a game called Sandcastle Battle where our whole team has had a brilliant time from start to finish, with a war and strategy game that is only made better by the fact that you play it with these Cartoon Network characters you love a lot. We will now explain how you do everything, so read this to the end if you want to do a great job. There are a total of ten levels in the game, each one harder than the previous one. When you are being under attack, click on the screen in order to throw sand projectiles at your attackers and prevent them from reaching your castle, because if they deplete its whole health bar, you lose. To make a continuous attack and stronger one, click and hold on one of the lanes from where you're attacked. When available, click on the icons with the bears from below to activate special attacks. Good luck and a great time we wish for all!

Use the mouse

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