Scary Evil Teacher Games: Neighbor House Escape 3D

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Welcome to play scary teacher games with house escape challenge fun! Enjoy one of the best scary teacher 3D game! You were very excited for your summer vocations & want to play scary teacher games for fun. If you love to play scary horror games & have lot of interest in evil scary games then this scary neighbor wife 3d game is for you. Since childhood you started playing scary games & horror games but this school teacher game has some unique features like escape challenge with math’s teacher. Scary teacher 3d is an epic adventure & survival escape game, where the student player has the task to secretly enter into your teacher house & find what math teacher is doing in her house. Walk into the house to find out the keys & prank with your high school teacher. Explore the evil house but don’t get caught. Hide from the scary neighbor teacher & escape from her. Complete many hide & seek mission in this new scary teacher games. Scary Teacher 3D Story line: Scary teacher Neighbor is a furtiveness horror game about neighbor’s son is mad at the scary teacher. She always scolds him and have made many complains to his Parents. Now, this scary teacher has relocated as your neighbor and now the student is determined to get revenge from the scary teacher. What’s the best revenge? It’s time to scare the “Scary Teacher” by performing various activities and prank her under her house. You must complete levels without getting caught and within allocated time. Notice from past history of teacher game, you would have played many neighbor games, spooky games, scary teacher game but not any other game have challenges like our hello scary teacher game or scary games.


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