The Squid Sniper

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Play the most famous traditional Korean Games as a challenging sniper!Shoot down all failed players! Detect and destroy players moving in green light-red light game using your sniper gun! When aiming, you have to make sure you hit the right player. You earn points for the correct player, but if you hit the wrong player, your points will decrease. Get the highest score at the end of the game and compete with your friends. Play Squid Game Sniper now and start the action! Squid Sniper is a weapon in SharkBite. It costs 1,250 shark teeth. Like the Ray Gun, it takes a long time to grind up to 1,250, but it's worth the shark teeth considering its versatility. Although it is currently the highest damage weapon in the game, the weapon's slow firing speed limits its damage per second, which is not comparable to that of the Ray Gun Consequently, the squid sniper is generally not considered as good a weapon as the Ray Gun, however, this weapon is very good for long-range distances when the shark is far off to the other side of the map, it is although very slow when shot. The weapon's unique trait is its range in that it can get close to a target. The weapon enters an expanded mode if the player presses Z while equipped. The Squid Sniper's base color is yellow with a gray gun barrel and a pink tentacle of sorts wrapped around most of the gun, likely a squid tentacle considering the gun's name. A light blue tank on the end of the gun is presumably where the ammo is held acting as a tank for the squid ammunition. The shots fire a squid with a spinning wispy trail following it. The gun itself looks quite similar to the Bubble Gun from Terraria, but given the name of the weapon, is likely based on the Splatterscope from Splatoon. now you switch roles and become the executor. Absolute concentration, quick reflex, and sharpshooting skills are needed to accomplish your mission. FEATURES: - Numerous challenging locations and scenarios - Action-packed shooting game - Game store with a wide range of guns to choose - Eye-catching 3D graphics and amazing sound effects

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